Friday, June 24, 2011

Funny Story

I got together with one of my oldest friends and neighbor last night to watch movies and eat dinner (and of course go to the Dairy Lodge). We rented Our Lips are Sealed (an old Mary Kate and Ashley's kind of a tradition we have now) and It's Kind of a Funny Story. We watched Our Lips are Sealed first which is the one where the twins get put into Witness Protection and eventually end up in Australia. The jokes are corny, the fashion is hilarious, and the movies lack the quality that we once believed they possessed, but it's still a fun. After walked the few blocks to get our ice cream, we came back to watch It's Kind of a Funny Story. The movie was actually amazing! I had no idea what to expect and hadn't heard a whole lot from anyone about whether it was good or not. The movie is more of a sad one, but there were things I could relate to.

It's Kind of a Funny Story Poster

As I've talked about before, eventually in life I'd really like to become an Art Therapist. If you don't know what it's pretty self explanatory, but it's using art as a way of dealing with life's up's and down's. In the movie the main character uses art in all sorts of ways, like music as well as drawing and painting to help with his depression. The movie just reaffirmed my beliefs that art can truly help and is so useful as an outlet for all sorts of emotions. I know art has helped me personally and even tonight I had a blast painting with watercolors with my cousin, Ari. And the best part is, is that you don't have to be this amazing artist to make art. I in no way claim to be the most talented or knowledgeable about art, but I try and learn new things every day. Art is just something I love to work on; it gives me a direction to channel all my feelings. I can control my pencil or my paint brush in a way that I can't control some of the other aspects of my life.

So what I propose is that next time you're frustrated, sad, stressed or even really happy consider putting it on paper, a canvas, a paper bag, or even a napkin. Sometimes I love just doodling.

Peace out till next time.

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