Sunday, June 19, 2011

Padre and balloons

Happy Father's Day!! 
To one of the best fathers a girl could have. 

Love you always!
- - -
Yesterday we got to witness some pretty amazing hot air balloons. I've always wanted to go to the big gathering in New Mexico, but it was pretty sweet that so many gathered right here in my home town. 

These ones were racing balloons that just passed over and had launched from a different location... I really liked the one in the first picture.

The Fox balloon was HUGE and had a 12 person basket!

 Sadly the wind was too strong and the Remax balloon never ended up taking off.

Later at around 9:30 a number of the balloons came back to the open space for a light up in the was pretty cool looking, although my parents said Friday night they had 13 or 14 balloons all jammed down there that all lit up together...that would have been awesome.

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