Sunday, June 12, 2011

I love when you think you have a week off of school but really you don't....

Actually I'm excited to start my painting class tomorrow. Can't wait to make some art, this will surely be more entertaining and fun than Statistics was.

I got amazing news on Friday when I went down to Ann Arbor for my doctors appointment. Third times a charm! My tooth implant finally set in the bone and they could move on to the next stage. After it failing the first two times I was so worried that I would never get my full set of teeth. I've always been missing teeth on the right side, and ever since the jaw surgery and implants on that side (that worked the first time...luckily) my mouth has finally been full of shiny white teeth that I proudly show off. I've only been missing one (now two) teeth for the past year...which really isn't that bad considering how empty my mouth has been in the past. I just can't wait for all of this to finally be over and for my life to enter a new stage that doesn't include a multitude of doctors and surgeries. I do have to say though that I will miss my visits to Ann Arbor (I really do LOVE that city), all my absolutely wonderful doctors and their staff, and the University of Michigan Hospital. That hospital is like my second home, ever since I was a tiny person, and it will be strange if after this I never go there again.

I'm truly thankful for all that every person who works at Motts does because they make having to go to the hospital so much better.

Other than Friday, I haven't done a whole lot with my weekend but relax. I had to go meet my dad at his shop today and help him wipe off tile he was cutting and edging (oh what fun). I couldn't believe how much work something so simple seemed to be. After a few hours of that I was ready to go rest for a while.

I'm ready for it to be a little warmer again so I can hit the beach. Hope everyone is enjoying their summers and had a great weekend as well. Peace out till next time.

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