Friday, February 11, 2011

Stupid Foot

I had all good intentions to get my lazy butt to the gym today.....but then i woke up, and my foot was throbbing. I'm taking that as a sign something is wrong and I should probably lay off it for a day?

I don't know what could have happened. Bug bite? Slept on it wrong? Stress fracture? I'm really hoping it's the middle option because I don't want it to be either of the other two. Maybe I'll try some sit and be fit options where i don't have to use my feet. The pain is on the bottom of my right foot, under my baby toe. It hurts to walk on and to touch :( I just hope it goes away soon!

......I guess if it doesn't get better, I go home in 2 weeks and can get it looked at then. I'm so surprised at how fast this semester has gone. We're almost already half way through....which means that I really need to get over to the counselor's office and discuss my major/minor details and figure out my life. Is it just me or is it like once you hit college you automatically hit a stage of indecisiveness. I feel like everything in my life is a question right now. Someone please assure me that this stage ends eventually.

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