Monday, February 28, 2011

Relaxing At Home

Wednesday, I came back to Traverse City with my parents for the start of my Spring Break. Surprisingly TC had less snow when I got here than Kalamazoo was nice to get out of that winter craziness (why can't it be spring already?) As usual there has been lots of sleeping in late, staying in my pajamas all day long, hardly leaving the house, and snuggling on my couch watching Doctor's good to be home!

Besides all of the above I did make it out on Saturday morning for some yoga at the Dance Center. It was nice and gentle, the perfect type for the way I felt that day, plus I got to see a bunch of my fake family I never get to see anymore. I miss dance/the dance center/and all the people there SO MUCH! I hate that I don't dance anymore and that I can't see everyone like I used to, but we all change and change is a part of life. It's good to be able to go back and pop my head in every once in a while.

Another note......I hope everyone has gotten a taste of the new Adele album, 21, because the woman's got SOUL and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! When you find amazing music you just got to spread the love. I haven't been able to stop listening to the album since I started listening to it.
my favorite song would have to be Someone Like You

Also on the agenda for home was a new laptop :( Sadly, last week my laptop broke, and when I mean broke, I mean practically ripped in half! I had a crack in the back by the right hinge that I noticed a few weeks ago, but had not caused much problems, so I was just cautious when opening and closing my computer and prayed it would be fine. My computer has caused a few problems in the past, power cord gone bad, fan problems, overheating, virus infection, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. When I got back from yoga last Tuesday night, I opened my computer as usual and the right hinge stayed down causing the whole thing to break off from the screen and the front bottom protection to peel back from the screen as well!!!! It was all so fast I couldn't believe my eyes, horrified I called my mom freaking out because I had a paper I had to get done for the next day. She calmed me down and told me to worry about it when I came home (clearly neither of my parents understood the magnitude of the damage, which was clear from their reaction when they came to pick me up). I was lucky the screen didn't completely quit on me.

Here's some pictures.....would you like to come look at the damage with me sir (dane cook style)

stupid gateway! (the best buy guy legitimately told me it broke because it was a Gateway hahahahha)

lets take a closer look shall we....

please forgive the dirt/dust :)

So yeah, there's no real hope for my old laptop and I had to break down to the notion of getting a new one. On any other basis I would have just waited and used the school computers in times of need, but I am currently enrolled in an online class, so that is a little more difficult. I want an apple this time because I think they're worth the money...we'll see what happens.

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