Sunday, February 6, 2011

Football, Food, and Homework

So I got back to school and realized I had to do all that homework I've been putting off. (Oh yeah, that was the problem with going home, I forget about school and get nothing done...woops.)

Beyond the mountains of homework, reading, studying, writing online discussion responses (500 words is a lot longer than it looks), is my urge to say f this and just watch the Super Bowl like I want to. I'm more of a Steeler's fan, but really I just like watching the sport...I'd be ok with whoever won (hope they get to go to Disney World). Plus who wants to miss out on all those commercials everyone will be discussing the day after.

See I have this problem with picking football teams less on their location or actual skill and more on the attractiveness of their quarterbacks.....I'm not afraid to admit this, I'm pretty sure anyone who knows me well is not surprised.

So the Super Bowl was more of a battle of Roethlisberger vs. Rodgers


When did Rodger's have that creeper stache? I definitely don't remember that.

This is why my favorite team is the Patriots and if I had it my way, Tom Brady and I would be married.

(I think I've got my ups on Gisele)

One other problem with spending Super Bowl Sunday alone in my room with my piles of delicious, mouthwatering snacks set out in front of me to graze on all night long. No mom's chip dip, no wings, no veggie trays, or hummus and pita chips :( Just not the same.

On another hand, is anyone else excited for the special return of glee tonight!?

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