Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year In Reflection

Tomorrow is the 31st of December (already!), which means that another year is coming to a close and it's time to reflect on all that's happened.
2010 has definitely had it's up's and downs, firsts and possibly lasts, crazy adventures and boring days.
.......But overall it's been a good year.

When the year first began I was at Northwestern Michigan College, living with my parents, in Traverse City, working, spending my down time sitting around, stressed out, and dreaming of big things.

I officially typed out my "bucket list" and started crossing off items.....or tried (such as attempting to learn to skateboard and play the guitar)
I spent days on end laughing with my friends Chelsea and Sandy
I lost a friend to drunk driving.....please don't ever get in a car after you or anyone else who may be driving has been drinking, this can be prevented!
I finished my 2nd year of college
I traveled by train to NYC with my friend Gabby
I finally got teeth
I watched sunsets on the dunes
I painted in the open space
I slacklined
I ended my life as a teenager....aka turned 20
I went to the casino for the first time
I transferred to Western Michigan University
I moved to Kalamazoo
I started working out again
I began running more
I hated I love it
I met new people, made new friends
I put myself in new situations
I cried
I ran my first 5K
I finished my first semester at WMU with above a 3.5 
I took time to appreciate the people and the world around me

and now it's time to celebrate every moment!!!!

2010, you're been good.....

but I have high hopes for 2011

Hope everyone has fun New Years Eve plans! I'll be hanging with my friends and most likely freezing downtown TC watching a giant cherry drop from the sky.....woooohooo

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