Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I've always had this big weakness for accents. I realize that to other people in the world or different parts of the country I have an accent.....but it's just not as cool. I'm utterly fascinated by the concept of speech and the way language and words are formed. I remember trying to make my own language with my friend when we were younger, but it was really more of assigning random words to concepts we already knew, instead of actually building a legit language. It was more of a secret code.....and I don't think we ever used it (oh the things we do for entertainment when we're young). 

But seriously, there are only a few things a man has to do in order to move himself up on the attractiveness scale, in my opinion. 
  1. Have an accent
  2. Be able to sing, or play an instrument
  3. Make me laugh
  4. Be able to grow a killer mustache or facial hair of sort
Someday I will find a man who can sing and play a funny song on guitar in an accent who has sweet facial hair and I will marry him. (lol)
This greatly explains my love for Charlie Mcdonnell.......

Which also takes me to my obsession with British people... I just basically want to be one. I don't know how this came about. One day I just decided that I really wanted to move to London.....and I told EVERYONE! It's kind of embarrassing to look back and realize that I told a church full of people that it was my goal after graduation to move to London, England. I've gotten plenty of questions on the matter.... I've never even left the country yet visited Europe to know if I even like the city. I'm also a big fan of the after further consideration I feel like overcast, dreary skied, often rainy London would not be a good place for me. But I find England's history fascinating and love exploring other cultures. When my mom asked me why London a few years ago all I could answer was.... "well I want to move to Europe, but I'm too lazy to learn a different language, so I figure I should move to where they already speak English." Sometimes I'm silly, because at this point in my life I would love to be submerged in another culture where I'm forced to learning their language. Plus I just want to start using English terms......such as Mum, bloody, blooming, mate, chaps, rubbish, bob's your uncle, loo, mobile, telly, and other words that sound ridiculously awesome.

Other accents I love are Australian and Scottish.

Have you ever dreamed of having a certain accent?

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