Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kloosterman Family Christmas

Kloosterman Family Christmas on Sunday was great!
Food was yummy. There was a breakfast casserole, french toast, potatoes, and lots of goodies.
I can't believe how many little ones are running around now. I love babies!

Missed my dad being there.....he was for a little while, but didn't stay very long. I think he's finally getting better.

Of course I had lots of fun with my cousin Ariana

She's a goof ball

but we love her anyway

And my cousin Josh's girlfriend, Meghan, was there to meet the whole family (brave!)

I got my cousins Ali, Lauren, and Ari all thread for friendship bracelets.....hope they enjoy making them as much as I do! Ari got footy pajamas from my grandma. Only she would ask for big red sock puppet pajamas. 

The first picture was a failure because my brother got in the way

The second was better....kinda lol

And grandma gave me.....a memory card reader for my camera! So now I can FINALLY upload all the pictures that are still on from the beginning of summer. I can also start uploading more pictures to my blog posts :)

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