Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday Surprises

A few weeks ago while talking to my friend Chelsea on the phone, we decided that we both wanted to surprise our friend Sandy at work sometime while we were home. Chelsea, Sandy, and I used to all work together at Munson Home Health. Chelsea and I were both student workers and even had class together at NMC. As you know, I took the leap and ventured down to Kalamazoo this year.....leaving behind my friends and coworkers. While Chelsea took a leap of her own, she left Michigan all together and moved to North Carolina to be with her then fiance, Nick, who's in the army. This last Friday while at home Chelsea and Nick went to the court house and officially became husband and wife! Congrats to the happy couple!!!!

Girls Night right before my last day of work (from left to right..Chelsea, Me, and Sandy)

Chelsea and I planned on showing up to work and stealing Sandy away for lunch. We didn't want her to know about our plan, so Chelsea didn't tell her when she'd be in town and I made sure our movie plans came after the big surprise. We decided to show up at 11:30 in order to have time to talk to everyone and catch up. We even managed to attract a big crowd, while still staying hidden from Sandy. Everyone wanted to hear about Chelsea's big day and get the scoop on my college experience. I didn't realize just how much I missed work and all my former co-workers until I was back in the building. It was so nice to see everyone and I can't wait to visit again!

Finally we made our way over toward Sandy's cubical and she was plenty surprised....mission complete! Unfortunately, she had already made plans with her mother for lunch.....not acceptable. So she called her quick and asked if she could ditch and come with us. I felt a little bad about ruining their lunch, but not enough to take no for an answer. I miss seeing Sandy everyday, talking to her about anything and everything, she always has the best advice, and ALWAY laughing together. I swear I don't laugh as much anymore without seeing Chelsea and Sandy everyday.

Chelsea.....Winston Santiago Santana(Winnie)

Sandy goofing off during girls night.....we all were on a sugar high that night

Lunch proceeded at Don's Drive In. We were all craving burgers, fries and chocolate milk shake......and boy did they deliver. Too bad my brother wasn't there to make my shake though.....he always makes them perfect. We discussed our lives and brought up old memories. I asked Sandy how her training was going for the half marathon. I need motivation, now that I'm home I've started to get lazy and haven't worked out in almost a week. I need to burn off all those calories I've been scarfing down. Non cafeteria food is amazing! Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a work out in on the treadmill, and some Christmas shopping done.

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