Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hockey and Weddings

This is a little late, but it's happening anyway. This past weekend I was able to go watch The Red Wings practice, not something that happens everyday. The Detroit Red Wings have their training camp up in Traverse City every year and we ended up getting tickets for Saturday. My dad, brother, brother's girlfriend, and I all went. We made sure to show up early in order to watch the team practice before the scrimmage. During the first practice we arrived a little too late for great seats (but basically anywhere in there is good since it's not very big).

Before the second practice we slipped in 20 minutes early (and were freezing) in order to snag front row center seats. It was totally worth it! I'm kind of surprised more people weren't in there with us ahead of time.

Me, Katy, and Taylor waiting for practice to start

Mike Babcock giving the guys notes.

Zetterberg kept coming over and waiting by the glass, but he was at this odd angle about four feet to my left so it was hard getting photos of him while he wasn't in action.

Danny DeKeyser played for WMU's hockey team, finishing up his last season there before joining The Red Wings last year. Go Broncos!

Face Off in front of our seats during the scrimmage. Our tickets for the scrimmage were over in the corner, which also ended up being a good place to watch.

After the scrimmage let out my dad and I decided to leave in order to
1. eat (because we were starving at this point)
2. get ready

Saturday afternoon one of my neighbors got married. It ended up being absolutely lovely weather for the outdoor ceremony. I'm not a big wedding person but if you want to get on my good side go small and short (which is exactly how it was). I also really liked Ali's choice of colors, orange and purple. The reception was held in the same location and started directly after the ceremony. I got in my awkward hugs and congratulations before heading towards the food. They also had a photobooth, which was a really fun idea.

Nothing like being a third wheel with your parents.... hahaha. Gotta love them.

As you can see I am totally incapable of making a straight face.

Overall it was a fantastic day. So happy I got to witness a little hockey action to get me psyched for the season and a big congratulations to Ali and Sawyer!



  1. The photo booth pics of you and your fam are BEYOND adorable.

  2. My mom was mad that I made that face in the last photo, but I couldn't stop laughing because I totally did not get the memo we were supposed to be serious.