Sunday, September 8, 2013

Breaking Bad Thoughts

After tonight there is only three episodes left of Breaking Bad. This season has definitely been the best yet. I really hope Aaron Paul wins another Emmy this year because his performance has been amazing (as well as other people's). I still can't believe the show is ending. If you had asked me last year whether or not I thought the show should be continued I would have said no (it had gotten kind of boring and overly violent), but they really stepped up this season. The writers really know how to go out with a bang.

I found these pictures of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul from Entertainment Weekly on tumblr and thought I'd share.

Looking good guys

Spoilers: I can't believe Walter actually surrendered (and was going to have Jesse killed)... AND THEN EVERYTHING WENT TO SHIT!! Which was obviously going to happen, I feel like you can't just call off a hit when you're working with a group like that. Todd and his uncles scare me. All I can say is that I hope no one dies out of the good people. Walt's not good, but we already know he survives so that's out of the question. Also, how is everything going to be wrapped up in the next three episodes?? I think that's my biggest question.

I'm not making any predictions for the finale. I know a lot of people like to try and work out the puzzle ahead of time, but I'm all about staying in the dark until the truth is laid out in front of me (at least when it comes to TV shows/books). 

What were your thoughts on tonights episodes? Or Breaking Bad in general?


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