Sunday, September 15, 2013

Breaking Bad Feelings: Ozymandias

So Aaron Paul live tweeted the episode of Breaking Bad tonight. It was kind of awesome and yet all so horrible at the same time. Like what even happened during this episode. Too many feels man, too many.


Like for reals when they shot Hank. My heart was pounding so hard. So many of the story lines were wrapped up though, which was kind of nice (although...not really). And then this happened....

How anyone could still like Walt after this episode, I just have no idea. He definitely went off the deep end when he had the knife at Skylar's throat and then ran off with the baby. Oh and let's not forget how truly awful that phone call was between him and Skylar. I was cringing that whole time. Only two episodes left. I think we're all going to need therapy afterwards.


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