Saturday, November 19, 2011

City of Owls

I went with my friend Nicole last night to Grand Rapids for an Owl City concert at the Intersection. Owl City is Nicole's favorite band and she begged me to go with her. I like some of the band's songs, but have not listened to them in a while. I honestly didn't know what to expect and in no way did I think the show was going to be as packed as it was. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of last night because not only was Owl City a great concert, but their opening act, Day's Difference, was also pretty good. Even the venue was great. The only problem with last night was that I wasn't 5 inches taller... really being in a crowd of people when you're 5 foot 3 does not exactly give you the greatest view. Even though, we were still able to see the stage pretty well during some parts.

(the best one of Adam that I got)

The thing i love most about seeing any band in concert is the energy in the crowd. Everyone seems to be happy and having a good time. Everyone singing along to the songs like Fireflies, Hello Seattle, the encore Vanilla Twilight. I tried to get some videos but the sound didn't turn out to well; I was a little bummed.

Nicole took a lot more pictures than I did and happened to get some really cool ones...

Now I'm just ready to go to more concerts. Nicole asked me what band I would want to see live the most, but I really can't decide who I would choose.

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