Saturday, November 5, 2011

Signed Up

Last night my dad agreed to run the Turkey Trot with me again!
He even signed us both up. So it's official. In about 19 days I'll be out in the chill kick starting my metabolism so I can eat gilt free on the day of thanks and feasts!
Guess I better get my butt to the gym on a more regular basis this next few weeks in order to train more seriously. I've been running off and on this semester and have built up a little distance (only on the treadmill) but during the next few weeks I plan on getting up to at least running one and a half miles. If I really thought I could train well enough to do 3 in the next 3 weeks I would but I don't see that happening. I'm up to about 7 out of 30 minutes right now.... but it's a lot better than the 3 out of 30 I started doing at the beginning of the semester. The plan is to work up two more minute each time I go, keeping about a 12 minute mile pace. Not fast but fast enough for me, and probably the only way I can run any sort of distance for at least now. I'm gonna run 3 times a week and hopefully get to the gym a fourth time for some sort of strength/crosstraining exercise.

Wish me luck! If you're in TC on Thanksgiving hope to see you there :)

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