Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Turkey Trot 2011 Recap

I realize this is a bit late so it's not going to be very detailed just some nice words.

The race this year was a lot more crowded than last year. I believe they said it was the fourth anual Turkey Trot so I can only foresee more people in the future. This year also had a new route/finish/start line which was nice to switch things up. I liked this route a lot better because we didn't have to run by the water as long. Although the temperature was surprisingly warm on Thanksgiving Day, the wind was definitely not. The wind bit through my clothes like my cat often does. I definitely should have remembered some nice ear-warmers or something.

My dad ran again with me this year (one of these times I will get my whole family in on this), but I like running with my dad. We crossed the start and the finish line at the exact same time so our time was exactly the same.... 48:15. That's not what I was hoping for and five minutes slower than last year, but it could gone worse. I just felt good about being active in the cold, and on a day when I planned on eating a ton. Nothing went horribly wrong and we made it to the finish line with another 3.1 miles behind us.

Thanks dad for running with me :) Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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