Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Today's Goods

Every day has it's ups and it's downs, it's which ones you choose to focus on that really counts. (I know, that was so cliché but basically all my advice is like that.) Anyway, today had some really good parts so I thought I'd share them.

1. I got my hair cut. It wasn't until after my appointment that I realized it had been two months (!) since my last cut when I chopped it all off. Things were looking a bit out of sorts, so I was glad to finally have something done with it. I think it looks even better this time than it did the first time. I love it even more!

It's a little bit shorter on my left side than it was the first time and the part is in a bit more natural place.

2. I walked downtown to get some fresh air and read for a while this afternoon. After being indecisive for a bit I decided to chance it on a Harvest Chai. I'm so happy I did too because the girl actually made it right. The drink hit the spot. Exactly what I wanted... one little victory.

3. Today also marked the first day of hockey season for the Red Wings! The NHL season officially started yesterday, but the Wings' first game was tonight against the Buffalo Sabres and they won (2-1)!!! So glad I finally got into the sport last season. It's silly it took me this long, especially for how quickly my love for hockey grew.

All these things combined left for a real feeling of satisfaction and happiness at the end of today. The world has been nice to me today and I am incredibly grateful.


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