Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Losing It and Keeping Her Review

Okay, so... first of all I'd just like to say this book wasn't the most well written or original book, but it was definitely entertaining. I think in order to enjoy reading books like this you just have to turn your brain off entirely. It's kind of like the book version of a trashy RomCom that stars the attractive, moderately well-known actors, but follows pretty much the exact same story as five other films that have come out within the last year. They definitely won't be up for any awards and may not fair well in terms of ratings, but are still worth seeing.

Losing It, by Cora Carmack, is about a college girl named Bliss (yeah, that's her real name) who decides it's time to lose her virginity. Unfortunately, things don't exactly go according to Bliss's plan after she meets a gorgeous British man (Garrick) at a bar and decides to go home with him. After thoroughly embarrassing herself, everything gets a bit more complicated when Bliss discovers Garrick is her new Theater professor.

Like I said it's nothing too original, you can see things coming from a mile away, but it was a nice break from the types of books I've been reading lately. I needed something light, that was quick, easy, and didn't take up a lot of head space. I feel like the last few books I've read (as well as life in general) have been both thoughtful and emotionally draining. Sometimes you just need a nice break from life, where you can slip into a fantasy land with attractive guys and British accents and motorcycles. I have a weakness for British things. I mean, he calls her "love" a lot, which is probably an overplayed stereotype, but still made me very happy. Seriously, where are the Garricks of the real world?

This book was also incredibly funny at times. I laughed out loud for a good ten minutes at one point and then had to take a break to collect myself before reading on. The story was really addicting. I stayed up until 4:30 am one night reading until my eyes were sore.

I was happy things turned out the way they did. Although I felt bad for Cade, I thought Garrick was a much better choice for Bliss and obviously brought out good things in her. From a brain-turned-on sense, there were some definite warning signs/weird character flaws in Garrick that sort of reminded me of Christian Grey, but I chose to just ignore all those things and not put too much thought into this book (like I said, it's definitely better that way).

- - -

Keeping Her is a short novella that Carmack wrote as a sequel to Bliss and Garrick's story. It's almost too short, still leaving things in an open ended fashion, but a nice add on to the original. Despite the plot and characters being just as predictable and unoriginal as in Losing It, the story was once again enjoyable to read.

Carmack has written two other books in the Losing It series, Faking It and Finding It. Faking It follows Cade's story and Finding It follows Kelsey's story. I'm hoping that Keeping Her was left open ended in order to leave room for tie-ins with the other two stories. I'm currently reading Faking It (which I'm enjoying so far) and I have no idea if Bliss and Garrick take part in the plot past the first chapter.

If you're looking for a light read I'd recommend picking these books up. A friend lent me the first book, but they're only a few dollars each for the Kindle Edition on Amazon. The books are funny, sexy, and a lighthearted spin on every girl's (okay, probably not every girl's) first time fantasy.


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  1. I am like that as well, sometimes I just need a simple book that is not going to take up too much of my thinking space. RomComs can be the way on a lazy rainy day.

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