Sunday, October 6, 2013

Wet Weekends

I was feeling rather restless for most of the day today. It has rained for the majority of the weekend, but I was determined to get outside at some point. A little after 5 o'clock I finally decided to venture out in my rain coat and wellies. Little did I know those wouldn't be needed. Not long after I left the house the skies started to clear and the sun came peeking through. When I left the house I had no idea where I was heading but I ended up at Brew for a latte (I drink way too many lattes. One of these days I should address that addiction).

The sun broke through the clouds about ten seconds before I took this photo. The picture doesn't do the color of the water justice. The bay was the most gorgeous shade of blue, almost as a reflection of the sky.

Since Brew was a little too crowded for my comfort, I got my latte to go and headed back out into the fresh air. I love going for walks with good music and delicious drinks, it's a combination that will never get old. In fact one of my all time favorite things in this world is going for a nice walk (due in part to my parents and partly to my years at Western). 

I love the design of these boots but they're just tight enough on my calves to be uncomfortable depending on the length of time I wear them. 

My parents have always gone on walks together; something I find adorable and I'm pretty sure my mom would advise as the key to a happy marriage. I find the activity soothing and head clearing. Whether shared or as a way to spend some time alone, walking has so many benefits (fresh air, cardio exercise, better for your knees than running, good for your mental health, gets you outside). After getting used to living in the dorm and having to walk around campus all the time, I started really enjoying walking places. I don't mind walking in the snow or rain to get places (depending on the temperature and amount of substance coming down on me of course). I usually opt not to take my car if I am in reasonable walking distance of my destination. Using a car just seems like more effort in my mind (even though I know that's the opposite of the way most people think).

I was smiling for most of my walk today. I had some recently purchased jams blasting in my ears and everything just felt so light and good. I need to get new headphones though because my left side is broken and I keep having to turn the volume up a ridiculous amount with my hearing loss in my right ear (obviously having music blaring loudly into my ear socket is super helpful in that case lol). I swear every pair of apple headphones I've gotten have broken in the left ear. My last pair I replaced with some cheap candy skull ear buds but the sound quality is no where near the same (which is understandable seeing as they were ten dollars). I might consider buying a nice pair of proper headphones instead of earbuds this next time, but we'll see.

Do you guys like going for walks? Would you rather walk or drive somewhere?
Any headphone recommendations? What are some good brands to check out?


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