Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summing Up Yesterday

In list form of course..

  1. Lunch with Sandy and CHELSEA!!!!! Luigi's, chatting with old co-works for way too long (the good kind), rain (so much rain!), baby belly rubbing non stop, pregnant Winnie wearing heals while I wear flip flops (call me lazy). 
  2. Listened and relistened to Coyote by The Lonely Forest, Fragile Bird by City and Colour, Amor Fanti by Washed Out, and Lost In My Mind by The Head and the Heart. All of these songs I got on Amazon for free, which by the way I finally realized how many amazing deals Amazon offers and their free songs are serious steals; not to mention the 69 cent stuff. Sorry iTunes but I doubt I'll be buying much from you anymore.
  3. Looking up apartments in Chicago and San Francisco for after I graduate. After which doing the math and realizing that I better have a good job or couple of jobs or else this will never work.
  4. Painting my final picture. I love maps and globes and anything that has to do with traveling.
  5. Seeing a sweet frog stuck to my window last night! I love frogs and haven't seen one in forever!

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