Friday, August 5, 2011

Random question for the Universe...

Does anyone know what to use if you don't have a food processor? Is there any other house hold item that I may or not own in which I can get the job done?

There's so many recipes out there that I'm dying to try. Like black bean burger and pesto, that seem to require a food processor.I have a blender, but I'm pretty sure that's not the same thing.

On a totally different note, I went to the street sale downtown after work today with my parents. Even as tired and sore (actually I'm surprisingly not that sore) from work and Insanity I still figured it'd be a fun outing. I guess I should work on getting out of my house more often than work and school (hermit girl). I'm glad I went though, because I bought a really cute pair of comfy heals(yeah, I didn't think those existed either) and a ear-warmer for winter on campus. My parents and I also saw a ton of people we knew and the whole night ended up lasting a little longer than what we originally planned. I love seeing and catching up with people I haven't talked to in forever.

I'll have to post pics of my presents I got myself today, also I'm pretty certain I'm getting a pair of TOMS. I tried some on tonight, but they just didn't have the biggest option color wise so I'll probably end up ordering some online. 
What are you're opinion on TOMS? Anyone out there that has them and love them? Do they really last that long? Are they comfortable to wear for long periods of time? I'm thinking I will use them for work.


  1. For some things you can use a blender depending on what you are doing. And for other things, like bean burgers you can make a sorta chunkier version with hand mashing/ potato masher. There are even some bean burger recipes I have seen that don't use the food processor at all. I saw some sweet potato black bean burgers like that that might be interesting to try. If you want I can find you the link.

  2. Hmm that sounds like a good combo. Did you use a certain recipe when we made bean burgers before you left for france?