Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Running Again

Today, August 9, marks my first "run" since the Bayshore 10K on May 30th (fail). Really when I say I "ran" today, it means I jogged at a pretty slow pace before stopping to walk. I don't know how far I made it before stopping, but it wasn't too far (maybe a tenth of a mile?) I'm basically back to square one, but this time I want to be smart about it. Take care of my knees and take certain precautions to keep my body happy. I'm glad my pain above my left knee has finally gone away, but I'm still worried that it will come back. 

I'm hoping this is a start of something good and I'll actually keep it up this time. I remember running my first full mile in the weeks after finishing the Turkey Trot 5K last fall and just how satisfying that feeling was. I still can't believe my original goal was to run the Chicago marathon in October of this year. Lets be real, I would have never made it. I want to be smart about my goals and work up to running distances before getting too far ahead of myself. I'm hoping to run a few more 5 and 10K's within the next year. Then maybe, if I don't get more pain in my knees or anything, try for a half marathon. I'd really love to run the Walt Disney Princess half marathon.... because lets be honest how sweet would it be to run in a tutu through the castle? 

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