Monday, August 1, 2011

Holy Blog Changes!!

Hope you enjoy the new look :) Let me know what you think. 

I'm still planning on making a few more changes to the about me section and hopefully figure out some sort of direction for this bloggity blog of mine.


  1. Because I am uber critical and things are way easier said then done. Here are a couple of my thoughts that you may already be intending to address.

    I think the 'Life Goals' should go next to the 'About Me' page since you seem to be going more in the direction of just a life blog and then you can/do sorta already focus on those sorts of things since passing up the intense workout/running as the main focus.

    Its hard to see your subtitle with the background that color... but I mention this because, in the editing just through blogger, do you see where to change stuff about the subtitle? Because I don't. Which is annoying. I think I will have to whip out my rusty HTML and CSS style sheet knowledge to play with my blog some more... not that I actually post in it though.

  2. I tried changing the description part to black but it won't let me change it. It's under advanced/ blog description where you change it. I definitely think it's taking the life goals route, but I'm still prob going to talk a bit about exercise and such who knows.

  3. I know under the advanced, but I don't think that there are options to change the font at least. I don't remember the color though. Who knows, I haven't looked at it in a long while.

  4. yeah there aren't options to change the font but i have the color changed to black on there and it just won't change it still