Sunday, September 11, 2016

Recent Book Hauls

Book hauls have always been my favorite videos to make and are usually my favorite videos to watch. Due to good sales and cheap secondhand shops I've acquired a crap ton (official recorded weight) of books over the last few months. Below are two videos documenting those acquisitions in an attempt to show you how hard I've failed at saving money, and how my rabid consumerism has caused me to run out of shelf space.

I haven't been posting videos as often, but I'm still posting. Unfortunately my computer is getting old and iMovie doesn't work as well as it should. For my computer's health, and my own, I've had to limit the amount of time I spend editing. Hopefully this will change sometime soon, but for now I'll try to maintain a once a week schedule. Thanks for sticking with me! For more videos and updates subscribe to GetAKloo.

I swear I'll read them all eventually...


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