Thursday, September 29, 2016

Polka Dots and Tennis Shoes

Time to share another work day outfit! Since I'm constantly moving around at work it's easier to wear clothes that aren't going to need a lot of adjusting throughout the day. A nice pair of pants, plain t-shirt, and a sweater are essential.

The cardigan that I wore Wednesday is one that I wear frequently. It goes with almost anything and adds a little extra detail without being too over the top. The cardigan actually originated from my grandma's wardrobe so I'm not sure when or where she bought it. Luckily it fits well and is in great condition.

Sweater (similar), J Crew T-Shirt, LOFT Jeans (similar), Shoes

I've been loving the sneaker trends lately. Now that I'm walking to work most of the time, it's nice to have some comfortable options without compromising looks or always carrying an extra pair of shoes. I recently bought these Nikes during a Labor Day sale and have been living in them ever since.

Yesterday was another gorgeous day for a walk, so I left early for work and stopped downtown for a latte and muffin. I've now finished about half of Silver Linings Playbook. The movie followed the story pretty well, but it's still interesting to read the slight differences in tone of the writing vs. how Bradley Cooper played the character of Pat. Matthew Quick, at least judging from The Good Luck of Right Now and Silver Linings Playbook, has a very distinct writing style and uses similar character types in both novels. Quick's characters may be complex, but his writing is simple and direct. Although I enjoyed The Good Luck of Right Now, Silver Linings Playbook is more accessible and probably appeals to a much larger audience.


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