Saturday, May 2, 2015

The One Where I Do It For Another Month

Hey Guys!

So last month I wrote a post telling you guys I was going to make my bed every day for the month of April. I'm happy to report that the aforementioned challenge was successfully completely. I even made my bed this morning out of habit, so I think the behavior has stuck.

I need some decorative pillows or something. Those are things I had as a child and completely rejected because I thought they were a hassle. Now I guess I see the point.

At first the practice of making the bed seemed like such a chore, but by the end of the month it became a normal part of my day. The only time I didn't officially make my "bed" was when I slept on the couch while we painted my bedroom. I did however make sure to clean up all the sheets and blankets I was using as a way to continue the exercise.

I like keeping myself on my toes, so for the month of May I've chosen to follow along with a yoga video every day. There's lots of options for yoga practices on Youtube and I'm not planning on following any particular person, but if I find someone I really love I might stick to them. I do already follow Yoga with Adriene and Fightmaster Yoga on Youtube so I'll most likely start there. I also found this list to help widen my search.

I have been really lagging in the fitness department lately. No running, no yoga, some sporadic at home crunches and jumping jacks but nothing long enough to really get my heart rate up or build muscle tone. I went for a bike ride with my dad two weeks ago and haven't ridden since (although this weekend is really nice and I'm hoping to get out). Hopefully this will help kick start a fitness routine again (along with the use of my new planner).

Since April went by so quickly I had to choose a habit for this month pretty last minute... as in yesterday. I did pick one off of the list I mentioned in the original post, but I think I'd like to be a little bit more prepared next time. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't do yoga yesterday so this month isn't off to a great start, but I'm hoping I can get back on track.


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