Sunday, May 10, 2015

5 Things I Admire Most About My Mom

1. She's incredibly hard working- My mom works harder than most people I know. She's always staying late at work or answering questions at home. She is an important asset to any team and definitely an irreplaceable mother.

2. She's a great teacher- My mom is a patient person and always willing to help people learn. When my brother and I were in school we could count on her to look after our education. My mom was always involved in our school lives growing up. She fought for teachers and math programs, and when she realized I wasn't learning how to read she found me a better school with teachers who were more willing to help. Granted in second grade I thought the world was ending because I had to leave all my friends, but I'm incredibly thankful I have the ability to read now.

3. She's intelligent- She reads a lot and my earliest memories always include my mom sitting with a book in hand. All I wanted was to grow up and be able to read like her. She knows so much and I love having discussions with her about anything and everything. She has helped me out with writing papers, finishing math problems, understanding history lessons, remembering vocabulary words, and anything else I could have needed help with over the years.

4. She's supportive- My mom has been there for me through thick and thin. She has always been supportive of my ideas and ambitions. She was at practically every dance concert (which was a lot) and has always encouraged me to do what I love. No matter how crazy my ideas get, she always gives me faith in my ability to pursue those ideas. Even at 25 it's still nice to hear her words of encouragement. No matter how down I get about life she's always there to help pick me up.

5. She's super creative- I think she needs to be an interior decorator or an event planner. My mom is crazy organized, and she loves helping people with parties and weddings. She's incredibly detail oriented; everything has a place and a purpose. Friends and family members always go to her for advice on decorating or party planning. She can envision a space put together in her own original way.

My mom is my inspiration. She's everything I hope to be.

Love you!


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