Friday, April 25, 2014

Record Store Day 2014

To celebrate Record Store Day, last Saturday the 19th, my dad and I made a trip to our local record store, RPM Records. Saturday was the first time I had been to RPM and now I can't wait to go back! They had a well stocked store and plenty of variety. Record stores are always a little less overwhelming to navigate when you have an artist or specific album you're interested in, but browsing the stacks can be really fun too.

I had no idea what I wanted at first but when I spotted the "No Time For Dreaming" album from Charles Bradley, I had to pick it up. I just finished making a playlist of music from the show Suits (which has some killer music) and they play Bradley quite a few times on the show.

I felt a little like Harvey Specter listening to my record. Now all I need is a fancy leather couch and a scotch.

After my dad and I got home, I decided it was my duty to catalog my parent's entire record collection. I don't think I ever realized how many records they owned. My parent's records have been stashed on shelves in our basement for a while now and they didn't even know exactly what they had (my dad almost bought two records on Saturday that he and my mom already owned).

Not gonna lie, I was really excited about organizing everything. I am definitely the weird girl who loves for everything to have it's place. I'm okay with messes, but I enjoy spending time filing and organizing. By the end I had made a list of all the record in the collection and cataloged each album alphabetically by the artist's last name and genre of music. The biggest category was general music, which included bands and artist which my parents listened to most often. Other categories were movie soundtracks, musicals, children's records, comedy, classical, holiday, and Christian albums.

Even as I was making the list and feeling like the piles might never end, I realized how many artist and albums are still missing from the collection. Sure my dad may own a large majority of Elton John albums, but we somehow only have one Beatles record. Now I can't wait to start a wish list for upcoming record store trips.

Do you listen to old records? Did you guys participate in Record Store Day? I heard sales were up this year.


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