Thursday, April 10, 2014

As Long As You're Trying, You're Not Failing

Monday I went for my first run in almost half a year. After really aggravating my shins running last summer and feeling like I got no where, I decided to join the I'm-not-a-runner club again. And I've been perfectly okay with not running (there were a few times when my friends ran races and it made me want to try again, but for the most part not running was good). So instead of running I've been taking WERQ fitness classes, and I've been having so much fun. Unfortunately, my class package is over and (for now) I can't afford to take anymore classes.

Ultimately it means I'm back to relying on home workout videos and outdoor activities for exercise. I'm feeling pretty thankful that it's spring and spending time outside has been enjoyable again (at least for now, you never know what'll happen with the weather in MI).

Anyways, I went out on Monday for a walk and randomly decided it'd be a good time to try running. I thought things would be fine because I had stretched well before leaving the house and had walked for a good 5 minutes before taking off but after a minute of running I stopped to take a small walking break. The lower half of my legs felt so tight I was afraid they were going to cramp up so I tried to walk it off and then finally stopped to stretch them out. After stretching I was hoping to try running again, but I couldn't even walk right let alone run. Part of me was afraid I'd mess up my shins again and part of me was afraid I'd fall on my face because it felt like my ankles weren't working properly.

I walked all the way home feeling like a failure because I only ran for a minute, then I remembered that as long as you're trying, you're not failing. Working towards something, even if it seems like you're not accomplishing anything at the time, is 10x better than not working at all. It's a lesson that's not only good for running but every aspect of life.

So I'll be running again because the only way to get better is to keep trying (yup I've gone full on cheese balls now).

I know that I probably talk about this kind of encouragement a lot on here, but it's something I typically need to be reminded of. Plus I figure if I need to be reminded of this, there's probably someone else that needs reminding too.


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