Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thank Your Body

I came across an older video about body image from Amy Poelher's Ask Amy series on her Smart Girl's YouTube channel and thought it was worth sharing. Amy posted the video back in 2012 but it serves as a great reminder to love your body.

I love that she suggests we all find some part of our bodies to be grateful for and to shift our focus from looking at the negatives to looking at the positives. It's so important to stop dwelling on the aspects of life we can't change and spend time and energy on the places that we can make a difference.

The best thing that I've learned is to make peace with your body at whatever stage it's at. Even if you want to lose weight, that's not going to happen over night. There's no need to be unhappy about your body at this very moment.

If you like that video make sure to check out more from Amy Poehler's Ask Amy series (they're all good) or other Smart Girl videos.


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