Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympics, Summer School, and Insanity

I've been kind of MIA in blog world lately but it's been for good reasons. I had two more exams this week for my summer classes (which by the way are even harder to study for when the Olympics are on.) My Survey of Behavior Analysis Research class has proven to be a test, and after huge doubt in my ability to pass the class, I managed to pull off a B on my 3rd exam on Wednesday! I don't think I've ever been so happy for a B before. Two more weeks to go and I'll be done with classes and getting to head home for a bit. Three weeks or so until the big bike trip (more about that later). About Four weeks before Fall classes begin... time flies!

This past week was full of fun roommate moments. In a few weeks my roommate Amanda is moving into a two bedroom in the same apartment complex and my roommate Nikki is moving to East Lansing. I'm gonna miss having these girls so close, but Amanda and I already have study dates and Insanity nights planned. The three of us started the Insanity workouts almost two weeks ago now. After experiencing the pain of Insanity last summer (and the payoffs) I was nervous but excited to get back into the routine and try to finally finish all 63 days of the workout. I'll have to take a few days for long bike rides and ultimately the bike trip but they'll be totally worth it.

The Insanity Countdown Calendar. Almost two weeks down! Jeah!

Lastly a few words (and pictures) about the Olympics. From gymnastics, to beach volleyball, to diving, to swimming I love the summer Olympics! It's always exciting to watch people's dreams come true and to band together as a country. For me, swimming is probably my favorite event. Lochte, Phelps, Berens, Adrian, Soni, Franklin... I could keep going because the whole USA team this year is awesome!

Jones, Adrian, Lochte, and Hansen

It's no question Ryan is my favorite

Nathan Adrian is like a hot teddy bear. He's just adorable. And that smile!

I think I might be heading to Dunham's this weekend to purchase a one piece swim suite in order to start working out in the pool. My roommate used to be a swimmer and I'm hoping she can teach me a few moves and we can push each other even harder. I just keep imagining what my body will look like after all this Insanity, biking, and swimming. Rock hard hopefully. 

Gonna get my Missy on!!!!!!

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