Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Hair is RED

I have always really loved red hair and find red heads really pretty or attractive. Dying my hair red on Thursday was a big step into the unknown for me. I was super nervous going into it, but am really happy with the outcome.

Last December was the first time I've ever gotten highlights in my hair because I've always had nice natural highlights. Before that I have never put any sort of color into it (that wasn't extensions). My friend Sam has dyed her hair multiple times before from a box and it's always looked really good, so I asked her to help me. It was a good thing there was both of us too because I have way too much hair to try and get it all myself. I'm sure I could have used two bottles instead of one to really get my whole head red, but I like the mixed auburn-y look it came out as.

and just for comparison, here is a picture from before:

I used L'Oreal Feria permanent color because they had the widest selection of reds. A lot of the brands were limited to a dark purple-ish color or a more orange-y tone, which I was trying to avoid. I thought the system worked really well and was pretty simple to use. It also made my hair really really soft, which I think was mostly in part to the conditioner that comes with it. I definitely took a long time looking around ulta for a good color that would work with my skin tone and be what I was looking for.  Overall I would definitely use this again and recommend it to anyone who's looking for a box color.

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