Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tomorrow may as well be a big day

Tomorrow's to do list has a few very important things on it. I got lucky this week and my work schedule doesn't start until Wednesday so I'm free the next few days to finish my final painting, see Winnie!, and get shit organized in my life. As usual summer comes and it's not only my room that looks like a complete disaster but the general direction of my life falls apart (okay, that's a serious over exaggeration, but still). I think the confusion comes from the laziness of summer. I get busy doing nothing and the whole summer practically goes by without me having gotten anything done. I'm certainly not saying I have been doing nothing. I am proud of finally finding a job, and crossing a few other things off this list, not to mention the fact that I have had some really fun times during the last few months.
The last few days have included me+book+sun+hammock that I got for my birthday :), which basically equals the perfect summer day. I promise I will take a picture next time of it's beauty. Hammock's are so dreamy.

So anyway, back to tomorrow.

here's what we've got...
1. painting class (work on final painting/get most of it finished)
2. pick up more paints if needed, look for some new colors
3. get gas in the car (maybe this doesn't need to be on the list, but getting gas is something I always find a challenge)
4. go pick up paperwork for a passport! (this is probably the big one that I'm really hoping to fit in tomorrow)... I mean honestly, picking up paperwork shouldn't be that big of a deal. It seems like a bigger step than it probably is, but it's the first one toward everything I dream about.
5. call escuela
6. go downtown/slacklining with Sam
7. make list of things I need for next fall

welcome to life
peace out for now

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