Friday, July 1, 2011

July, July

Today is the first day of July!!! So many good things happen this month and I just can't wait.

For starters, Cherry Festival begins this weekend. Bring it on! Sweet cherries, pie, beach, 4th of July, and walking anywhere and everywhere. There are definitely some big perks to living downtown during this time of year. I never have to fight for parking spots or worry about fighting traffic during firework nights. The only problems are the loud fighter jets practicing over my house, which often sounds like they're trying to dive bomb me while I'm trying to read outside. I also greatly dislike the huge number of tourist who overtake Traverse City; first: figure out the speed limits (seriously driving 10 under everywhere you go is not helping you at all), second: standing around and gawking at things in the middle of the street is probably going to get you killed... or at least hit (so I'd greatly recommend following all pedestrian signals). I always realized Traverse City was busy during this time of year, but I was amazed at how many people downstate knew of my hometown just because they come here every summer.

Second big event in July is the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on the 15th. I've talked about Harry a lot lately and I apologize if that's not your thing, but I will also bring it up many times in the near future so you're just gonna have to deal.

Third might just be the most important event of all because it's MY 21st BIRTHDAY!!!! I have it pretty much narrowed down to going wine tasting on that day so I'm excited. I figured it'd be something my whole family (including grandparents) could do together. Keepin' it classy ;)

July also brings one of my best friends Samantha's birthday on the 16th, which sadly she'll still be overseas for. As well as my brother's birthday on the 29th. I'm hoping July also consists of such activities as swimming in the freezing cold waters of the bay, bonfires, a haircut, some shopping, more trips to Moomers, hopefully a Decemberist concert, seeing friends that I haven't seen in too long, a few dance classes, painting, and just a month packed full of adventures.

I hope your July is adventurous as well! Peace out for now.

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