Thursday, June 4, 2015

The One Where I Lose Track Of Time

What the heck guys; how is it already June 4th? I feel like time keeps getting away from me. I meant to write this post almost a week ago, but I kept putting it off and putting it off. Typical.

So I sort of failed my challenge for the month of May. April's challenge went so well but I just knew when I missed May 1st that the following 30 days would be a struggle. If you didn't read my post about last month's challenge, my goal for May was to follow along with a yoga video once every day. The only thing that I can be proud of is that I never fully gave up. No matter how many days I missed my yoga practice, I always started the next day with the intention to follow through. Unfortunately intention and action are two different things. Kind of like me intending to write this post for a week and then never actually doing it until today.

My main problem was being unprepared on busy days. Besides my regular job at the library, I also worked with my dad a few times last month. On days when I'd spend a couple hours cleaning up tiles or carrying big rolls of carpet around, I was too exhausted and sore to even think about yoga. In reality doing some relaxing/stretching yoga routines could have really helped, but I didn't think about that at the time. This is what I mean by being unprepared. If I had finished my practice earlier in the day, I wouldn't have had time to come up with so many excuses. Instead I'd wait until the last minute and go searching around for a video at 10 pm, or blow it off completely. The better plan would have been to choose the practice the night before, but everything is clearer in hindsight.

It was also really ambitious of me to expect a daily practice after such a long break from regular exercise. When my muscles were sore I used that as an excuse to take a few days off rather than find practices that were gentler or focused on different parts of my body. As I'm writing, I just keep thinking of all the things I'd do differently next time.

I'm not setting a specific goal for the month of June, but giving myself the month off. Maybe I'll spend June focusing on those practices I already tried to establish; checking back in with my bed making habits and continuing with yoga. I want to make sure I'm not jumping into another challenge without being prepared or dedicated. My goal for these monthly challenges was to increase habits I found useful, not to waste time half-assing those daily rituals. Hopefully taking the month of June to regroup will allow me to find a goal that I feel dedicated enough towards to actually stick with.

Are any of you doing monthly challenges? How are they going? What habits would you want to increase?


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