Friday, June 19, 2015

Music I've Been Loving Lately 3

Hello Hello,

Time for another music update. I wanted to share with you some of the music I have been obsessing over lately.

My tastes have been all over the board recently. Swinging back and forth between older R&B, classical, and grunge rock. I know I listed a few of the rock sounds in my last links post, so if you're in the mood for that kind of music feel free to check that one out.

Reflections by Diana Ross and the Supremes: Since I've been playing they're Anthology records while editing videos recently, I've been completely hooked on this song. I spent an entire 6 hour shift quietly humming this to myself last week. Can't beat the classic Motown vibe.

And here's where we get to the songs I've been meaning to talk about since May and just haven't gotten around to it.

Ditmas by Mumford and Sons: I know people were surprised or upset that the band decided to make this album with electric guitars, but they really cemented their title as great musicians with this one (at least in my opinion). Musicians, as with all artists and people, evolve with time. Putting a band in a box, even if it's one they built themselves, never makes anyone happy. When I heard Believe for the first time I felt like they were almost trying too hard with random guitar heavy moments, but if you listen to the bands previous albums the songs are structured quite similarly. Same great band, same great musicianship and lyrical talent, only with a slightly different approach. It's nice to listen to interviews or watch sets now where the guys look revived by the new sound.

Fields of Gold cover by Joshua Davis: Talented musician and Traverse City native, Joshua Davis, made it all the way to the final four on this past season of The Voice. His sincere vibe and mellow voice is perfect for this song.

Have A Little Faith In Me cover by Will Chase and Maisy Stella: Along the lines of great covers, this song from the show Nashville had me singing along for weeks. Both Stella daughters have incredible voices but Maisy's really shines in this song. I can't even handle it. Also did you know that Will Chase played Roger in Rent?! I don't know how it took me this long to figure that out, but if you look at pictures he looks SO DIFFERENT.

One Night by Ed Sheeran: I will listen to anything Ed Sheeran releases because that little ginger has some serious power over me. Talented musicians are my weak spot. When I noticed 5, a group of projects he released on iTunes one day, I immediately started throwing money in his direction. I would gladly go broke as long as he never stopped releasing music.

Welp that's it. May and June have been pretty mainstream music months for me. None of these are too out of the box, but it doesn't hurt to keep. So what music have you been loving lately?


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