Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Words of Wisdom: Secret of Change

How is everyone doing on their resolutions? Have you started slacking off yet?

Since I didn't set specific resolutions this year, like I have in the past, I've avoided the feeling of failure when things inevitably slip up. It's been kind of nice. I do miss having some sort of set goal though. Change doesn't come without knowing what you have to do in order to move forward, or more specifically, knowing where to focus your energy. 

I'm a big believer in taking the small steps. Big steps are difficult and leave too much room for failure. If you set small short term goals, you seem more likely to accomplish them. I know that when I make daily to-do lists I end up getting way more done in the day then when I don't plan anything. That's just a strategy that works best for me. Knowing I can finish my small term goals helps me gain confidence in my ability to finish my larger, more complicated goals.

Everyone is different. I set big, long term goals for myself all the time. I am a dreamer; I always have been and always will me, but I haven't reached a lot of those goals yet. It's much easier for me to look at my lack of current success in my long term goals as failures rather than seeing them as on going accomplishments that can be reached in the future. Keeping yourself grounded in the present is important, but looking ahead can occasionally be beneficial.

By remembering to stay hopeful, we gain much more from life. I think that's why I choose to focus my energy on feelings rather than things. If something makes you feel good, pursue that. Set goals that expand the good will inspire change all on its own.


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