Friday, January 10, 2014

It's Too Cold

As you're probably aware, it's been absolutely freezing in most of America this week. Since I've been using this as an excuse not to leave my house at all, it's given me extra time to read and catch up on TV shows. I thought I would just catch everyone up on my current state of entertainment.

I finally started reading Gone Girl this week. I'm not far into it, but I'm super intrigued at this point. I love trying to predict twists before they happen.

I also started reading the Merlin Trilogy by Mary Stewart. This one will probably take me a while to get through. I'm the slowest of readers and the 3 in 1 hardcopy that my mom owns is just over 900 pages long.

Since I get restless reading too much, I've been using this opportunity to catching up on seasons of Castle. I used to watch the show quite a bit and then started watching too many other TV shows, so this one got put on the back-burner. Watching all the seasons from the beginning has been a nice reminder of how much I love the show.

Eeeek I love them.

And because I can never do one thing at a time, I've also been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time. I'm only on season one, but I am surprised by how much I like it. When I was younger I never thought I'd be the kind of person to watch Buffy (that sounds bad, but I swear I don't mean it in a bad way). I never saw myself as someone who found supernatural beings interesting enough to get invested in a show that revolved around them (oh how our minds change). I just didn't understand the appeal when I was younger, and by the time I had even heard about the show it had already been around for a while. That's the nice thing about having stuff like Hulu Plus and Netflix, we now have a way of watching shows from the beginning without investing much into them.

These outfits sum up 90's television pretty accurately.

After days of reading and watching TV inside(which has basically become my life), I was feeling the need to get out and visit civilization on Wednesday. Luckily my friend Sandy called to ask if I wanted to grab coffee and maybe hit the mall. I love girls time and have some of the best friends a person could ask for. Anyone who cares enough to listen to me complain (and possibly whine) about the current state of my bank account and lack of employment opportunities available deserves some sort of award. I think I might write a separate post soon about how much of a life failure I am (not that you guys care), we'll see.

Anyways, I hope everyone else is staying warm. This cold has definitely made me more seriously consider moving.


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