Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stop Calling Yourself Fat

Monday I read a post that was a nice reminder that I need to be kind to myself.

Monica of Run Eat Repeat wrote a post about the need to "stop the fat talk." Calling yourself fat "doesn’t help you feel better or make the people around you think highly of you," says Monica. And it's totally true. 

Everyone at one point or another is going to feel down about their body, but it's not something we should dwell on. For a long time I went around complaining that I was fat, even during the years I can look back on now and know for sure that was not true. And then when I did gain weight after quitting dance I was even harder on myself, but it comes to a point where you have to stop all that negative talk. We have a hard enough time dealing with what society says that we don't need to add our own negative thoughts toward our bodies. 

I don't believe there is simple solution for feeling fat. Sure we can exercise, eat better, lose weight, but eventually that feeling is going to come around again and you have to be prepared to fight it off. Like Monica suggested in her post put on something that makes you feel good, do something fun with your friends, listen to something funny, or put on your favorite up beat song and dance around your room.

Be kind to yourself and be kind to your body.

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