Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Accident that I Wish Would Happen

So the last couple days I have been throwing around the idea of moving and just randomly searched for jobs in Chicago and in Portland, OR. I always say I'm going to do things and then I never actually do them so I haven't thought that much about the whole endeavor.

Last night I went on the Free People website and looked for jobs in Chicago. On a whim I decided to apply for what I thought was a Sales Associate type job and filled everything out, which took a while to answer all the actually pretty cool questions the company has on their applications, and hit send. Then I went back to the main page and noticed that I had actually applied for a Stylist job... whoops.

I don't really expect to ever hear back about the job seeing as I don't have much in the form of experience other than dressing myself, loving the company, and being passionate about clothes, but it's one of those things you just wish would happen anyway. I mean fashion was my first love. In Elementary school I used to get in trouble for doodling clothes all the time during class. I used to tell everyone that I was going to be a fashion designer one day and make all my own clothes. 

After high school I gained weight and really didn't have money to keep buying myself clothes; this sort of changed my style a lot and I never felt as confident about my styling choices as I did back in grade school. Over the past year, I've worked hard to try to increase my confidence in myself and in doing so have started to get back into fashion.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that sometimes I wish life worked itself out in a way that I was actually able to get a stylist job. It just sounds like a creative outlet I could really contribute to. Sometimes what starts out as an accident makes you wish you had done it on purpose.

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