Wednesday, May 22, 2013


It's been about a month since graduation, but I'm finally getting these up here. I still can't believe I'm a college graduate. It's official too since I just got my diploma in the mail last week. The day was wonderful and I'm glad I let my mom convince me to participate in the ceremony. Here's just a few of my favorite photos from before and after commencement.

 My mom and I

The Whole Family

 Obligatory portrait by the Bronco statue

 Me and the parents.

 My mom, me, and my brother

My dad, me, and my brother

Clearly we covered all our bases on these babies.

 I love my family and without them this day would have never come. They also helped make the entire weekend fun, from our dinner at Bell's Friday night, to our dinner at Beer Exchange the next night, and letting me ditch them to go out with my friends (haha). There's nothing like family.


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