Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunny Days

I just wanted to lay outside all day! I wish I hadn't had class for so long. I can't get over all these record breaking temperatures happening. 80 degree weather in the middle of March... in Michigan. We're getting spoiled because I doubt this will last. Maybe it's best it doesn't or else my grades might go down the tube. With all this sunshine I just keep procrastinating longer. The other part I love about good weather... it reminds me to whip out my summer playlists. Songs about beaches, sun, going outside... all that good stuff. I need to find people who will be here this summer and will slackline with me. Three main things I want to do once summer starts, or really once I have free time: slackline, practice/learn to play the guitar, and finally learn to longboard. I still just think it will be weird not going home for the summer.

I know I've posted this before but I just really love this song, especially when it's nice outside.

What is a better way to up your mood than a live version of this song?... nothing

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