Wednesday, December 23, 2015

DIY Christmas Bunting

Just before Halloween I kept seeing all these hand made holiday decorations floating around on Pinterest and those pictures inspired me to come up with a few of my own ideas. After mulling it over I finally decided a Christmas bunting would look best and be the easiest project.

I found the string on sale at a boutique on Mackinac Island and bought the holiday paper and stickers at my local Michaels. The first step was picking out the paper and cutting them into strips for the flags. I tried to pick papers that weren't too red so the letters had a chance to stand out and patterns that were small enough not to be distracting.

After cutting the strips I had to cut the flag ends. This ended up being slightly more difficult than I was hoping it would be but Xacto knifes tend to be that way.

Finally I positioned the stickers and taped the flags together over top of the string. I used double stick tape and just positioned it close enough to the top so the flags don't slide around too easily. I'm kind of amazed this project worked and actually got finished for once.



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