Saturday, November 21, 2015

Understanding Homelessness, A Local Coloring Book

One thing I love most about working at the library is being able to interact with people in the community. All types of people walk through the door and it's been nice connecting with individuals I might not meet otherwise.

Randy Parcher and his girlfriend Laurie Koelsch use the computer lab almost every day. Randy is an artist and he's constantly using the available resources to create new and exciting things. I've been lucky enough to witness his talent first hand and have watched him create some amazing work. Randy's most recent project has been a children's coloring book dedicated to educating people about homelessness. At the moment Randy is trying to raise money using a GoFundMe page to get the books printed and he's hoping to have books to sell within the next couple weeks.

Homelessness is a problem in every city and projects like these can help people better understand those who are on the street. To learn more about Randy and his coloring book check out this article from the local news or Randy's personal website.


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