Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Annual Mackinac Island Family Trip

Hey guys,

My family and I took our now annual trip to Mackinac Island a couple weeks ago. It was a beautiful for most of the day until the clouds blew in and the temperatures dropped. When we went last October it wasn't quite so chilly.

Although there were more people on the island this year, we didn't have to worry about fighting crowds or finding quiet paths to walk on. I really do prefer visiting Mackinac in the fall. Despite the weather you can't beat the color and the views.

After a nice walk to visit some of our favorite spots, we all headed back into town for a warm meal and some shopping. Another perk to visiting late in the fall: the sales. Mackinac Island has a surprising number of cute stores with a full stock of items you're likely to find on Etsy; pillows, greeting cards, fancy prints, and so much more. This year I picked up some supplies to make a Christmas bunting for the holiday season. I also ventured into the bookstore and managed to only buy one book. 40% off books will be the death of my bank account. Lastly, I couldn't leave without fudge since you know, I couldn't just buy it downtown Traverse City.

Just before we left the rain started to pour and the boat ride back to Mackinaw City was one of the longest of my life. At one point the boat tipped so far a few children and adults started screaming. Let's just say I've never been happier to be back on land.


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