Friday, June 7, 2013

Trying to Keep Myself Busy

Unfortunately, I am still not working so I have had lots of time on my hands lately. Even though I don't particularly like my current situation, I often try to remind myself to look at all the positives. I don't have to wake up early (even though I typically try to), I don't have to be indoors on nice days, I can go hang out in coffee shops all day, I can workout whenever I want, I can catch up on all the TV shows I'm behind on, and lastly I can read all the books I want. Sure, there's lots of good things about not having a job but it also gets boring and stressful, and I'm definitely sick of feeling like I'm doing nothing with my life.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about with this post was how I went for another run today! I just keep reminding myself of the Disney Princess Half Marathon (well that and my friend won't let me forget about it). Going to Disney World and running in a tutu is definitely a good way to get me off my ass and out on the trails. I'm very lucky to live extremely close to some of the major trails in Traverse City, so I never have to worry about driving to a good running or biking location.

Today I decided to switch it up and run away from the water and downtown. It ended up being a great decision because I didn't have to worry about crossing many busy roads or maneuvering around the construction by the Marina. I did another interval workout using the RunKeeper app. The warmup was 5 minutes of walking and then 1 minute of running followed by 2 minutes of walking and finishing up with another 5 minutes of cool down walking. Running didn't feel completely awful, although I still feel like I'm not as relaxed as I used to be during my running intervals (maybe that's a good thing?) I am getting faster though, which is exciting. I just hope that I'm not increasing my pace too much too soon. I definitely don't want to exacerbate any old injuries.

Overall I managed to do 2.8 miles (minus walking to the start of the trail and back) in 43 minutes. I would like to at least start finishing 3 miles by the time I finish the 40 minute interval session (which I'm sure will be easier to do when I increase the length of the running intervals).

Now I'm off to try and be a little productive today, then later I'm going to a cookout for my friend's birthday. Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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