Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Girls Finale

I just finished watching the season finale of HBO's Girls and am really happy. Things finally happened! That was a great ending to the second season. Despite all that I'd heard about the show, I didn't actually start watching it until around last season's finale. I watch so many TV shows already that I need some to be cancelled so I can finally catch up on everything. That's what happens when you're the world's best procrastinator and will do anything not to write your essays for class.

After the first episode I knew I'd be hooked. If you haven't seen or heard of the show, Girls is about a group of twenty-something girls living in NYC and trying to figure out the next steps in life after college, finding jobs, dealing with relationships, and following their dreams. Things often get messy and naked, but that only seems to make everything more real. I think the reason I love the show so much is because none of the characters seem to have their shit together. Maybe some of the scenarios are over the top or ridiculous but girls can act that way from time to time. Your twenty's are all about flaws. This is the time we're learning to deal with things on our own. The time when you make mistakes on a daily basis and always feel like you're not living up to your potential. You second guess every decision you've made or make and you learn to just try and live. That's what all the characters on Girls are doing, which is why it's so relatable (at least for me). I can pick out parts of each character that I see in myself, which makes me love it more.

(This is where the spoilers come in) *This season seemed to be a pit of lows for all the characters. Marnie and Hannah's lives fell apart and they both seemed to spiral into a big mess. For the record I found it hard to watch Hannah's slide backwards into her OCD habits. Watching Marnie's struggle was like watching a train wreck happen, but watching Hannah's just made me feel sad for her. Charlie got his life together but only half-assed moving on from Marnie. Poor Ray seems like he doesn't know what to do about his life. Adam left Hannah, but actually seemed like he was doing good with that new girl. Even with all that the season didn't seem to have a whole lot happening or it all just happened slowly. This is part of the reason why the season finale was so great. Everything that I've wanted to happen for the last few episodes finally happened, like Ray and Shoshanna's break up or Marnie and Charlie getting back together. Hannah's breakdown to Adam and him running to her!! Ah I want a guy to love me that much, so touching.*

So I guess what I really wanted to say with all of this is you should go watch Girls, and if you do watch it and haven't seen the season finale go do that right now. Girls is just a great show and Lena Dunham is a genius. The show has amazing music and perfect quotes (two things I'm obsessed with). Girls also has real characters who show you that life isn't always perfect and that's okay; it reminds you that not having everything together is normal.


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