Friday, October 26, 2012

Those One Step Forward Two Steps Back Moments

I think this is one of those. After my friend Sam encouraged me a month ago to run the Turkey Trot again I really couldn't say no. It's become a nice tradition now, something I can share with my dad and a way to get my Thanksgiving morning off to a good start. I was actually kind of excited to get back into running again and give things another try. I even decided I'd be smart and do the couch to 5K so I could try to run the whole thing this year.

Things started out strong. I got through the first week and did my three days of running alternating between 1 minute runs and 2 minute walks for 20 minutes. I even increased my speed during that time. Then I went home for the weekend and started noticing how bad my shin splits were again. I can rub my hand over this bump on my shin and it just shoots pain... so that's probably not a good sign. And then right when I came back to Kalamazoo I did something to my knee. I'm thinking I over extended it, because it's the back of my knee that has the most pain and I can feel things straining when I bend or walk on it. Then there's a bump on my patella too... kind of like the one on my shin (I just don't know what is happening with that).

So I've just been laying off and hoping things get better on their own. I'd really like to do the Turkey Trot but right now I'm just playing it by ear.

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