Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Perfect Fall Weekend in Spartan Land

The last few years I've managed to get tickets to a Michigan State football game from my friend Sam. Last year I made it for the Notre Dame game which was awesome. If you don't remember that game here you go....

A few weeks ago Sam told me she could get me free tickets to the Wisconsin game if I could make it to East Lansing. Of course i said yes and managed to overcome my fear of driving down here enough to make the well worth it trip. If you weren't in East Lansing yesterday or if you missed the game on TV, you missed out BIG TIME! That game was beyond exciting and amazing. I'm so happy I went and so happy about everything. As the group of us walked back to Sam's apartment last night around 1 am I could stop smiling, and people yelling Go Green, Go White always make me happy as well. It's days like that that I'm slightly bummed I decided to go to Western over MSU because when it comes to sports they have my heart. Spartan teams are bound to win their fighting is the best rah rah rah! (The sad thing is I always accidentally start singing the MSU fight song during WMU games).

The moment right before this play was so quiet and no one wanted to move, every one was holding their breath and then everything erupted. I'm surprised I managed to keep my balance the whole game while jumping around and high fiving people. I even still have a voice today.

Other than football the whole weekend was fun. Sam was a pretty kick ass host and I think I ate better this weekend than I normally do here. So many pumpkin flavored treats this weekend (plus I got sent home with some, I felt like I was leaving my house not my friend's).

Friday was mexican night with a nice gathering of friends at the apartment for burritos and drinks
Saturday included tailgating and the game
Sunday we went to the pumpkin patch for cider and doughnuts :)

Have I mentioned enough how much I love fall?

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