Saturday, October 22, 2011

Not Giving Up

Everyone has good days, and everyone has bad days. I'm definitely not the only person who knows that when one thing goes wrong, everything seems to go wrong. It's just the way life works. We have to learn to "roll with the punches," "separate the good from the bad" and most importantly, not give up when things do go awry.

I guess what I'm trying to say is no matter what, hang in there,

On cloudy, rainy, windy days
On the days when you have piles of homework
On days when you fight with your friends
On the days when you get overwhelmed with money problems
On the days when you don't hear the answers you want to
On the days when there just doesn't seem to be enough time
(or too much)
On the days when you feel fat
On the days when you don't meet your fitness goals

Because there's always a tomorrow and tomorrow is bound to be a better day.

It also helps when you go on a long vent to your friends. Luckily I have really patient and supportive friends who are wonderful listeners and that always helps. I also love calling my Mom on those days because she can be really logical about working out all my problems :) Yay for being an adult and still calling your mother to help figure out your life. Go me!

I also want to say that running and working out in general usually helps clear my head in these situations and I've been making so many excuses lately to not work out. It really needs to stop.

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